Liberation Reports
File WO208/3328
The information comes from work done by John Howes
The main file series of the SPG Liberation reports at the National Archives are in WO 208/3328 to 3335. This is replicated in the series WO 208/3336 to 3340 and these files may also contain the Appendix As which give information about civilians who assisted the servicemen during their escape or evasion. It has been found that both series contain a large number of missing files so it is recommended that both be consulted. It may also be worth searching the POW Liberation reports in the WO 344 series as these will often provide further information, especially when searching the WO 208 series has drawn a blank.
Most of the aircraft details have been added using such reference works as ‘Footprints on the Sands of Time' by Oliver Clutton-Brock, the ‘Bomber Command Losses' series by W R Chorley and ‘Fighter Command Losses' by Norman L R Franks - with some additional information from Anthony Whitworth.
I have included brief capture details for some soldiers if the dates or locations are significantly different to the MIA dates - and for aircrew where known.
This page updated 30 Jan 2018
LIB No     MIA Captured
F/Lt Glendon J Lynes 232 Sqn Spitfire JK318 FTR Tunis Apr 43  
2 Air Cdre Ronald Ivelaw-Chapman 576 Sqn Lancaster ND783 FTR Aubigne May 44 Brain, France June 44
3 Lt Peter C Winton 1 Gordon Highlanders St Valery-en-Caux June 40  
4 Pte Daniel L Conley Essex Scottish Regt Dieppe Aug 42  
5 Pte Conrad Trudel Fusiliers Mont Royale Dieppe Aug 42  
6 Pte Arthur Garlaneau Fusiliers Mont Royale Dieppe Aug 42  
7 Pte Walfred Balduc Royal 22nd Regt Ste Maria, Italy July 43
8 W/O Robert J Alexander 218 Sqn Wellington Z8781 FTR Hannover Aug 41
9 Pte Joseph E J Nadeau Fusiliers Mont Royale Dieppe Aug 42  
10 Pte Charles Goll South Saskatchewan Regt Dieppe Aug 42  
11 Pte Kenneth E Taylor 1 Bn Black Watch, 2 Can Div Dieppe Aug 42  
12 Sgt Robert T Savage Essex Scottish Regt Dieppe Aug 42  
13 Pte John Chipchase Royal Hamilton Light Infantry Dieppe Aug 42  
14 Pte Sydney E Jones Essex Scottish Regt Dieppe Aug 42  
15 L/Cpl William J Tweedal Essex Scottish Regt Dieppe Aug 42  
16 Cpl Arthur R Prouse Canadian Provost Coy Dieppe Aug 42  
17 Sgt Herbert E Heath Royal Hamilton Light Infantry Dieppe Aug 42  
18 Cpl Thomas J Copeland Essex Scottish Regt Dieppe Aug 42  
19 F/Lt Arthur T L Cullum RCAF 49 Sqn Lancaster ED435 FTR Berlin Mar 43 Paris July 43
20 W/O Wilfred M Gorman RCAF 405 Sqn Lancaster LM345 FTR Brunswick Sept 43 near Fos/Luchon, France Apr 44
21 Capt Guy B K Griffiths RM FAA - Ark Royal - Skua North Atlantic Sept 39  
22 F/Lt Bedrich Dvorak 312 (Czech) Sqn Spitfire BL340 FTR *** June 42 Ditched off Cherbourg and captured
23 Capt Peter H Joscelyne Royal Tank Regt Tobruk June 42  
24 F/O Harold D Bastable RCAF 640 Sqn Halifax LK866 FTR Versailles June 44 Paris July 44
25 F/O Harold Atkin RCAF 427 Sqn Halifax LW166 FTR Villeneuve July 44 Artenay, France July 44
26 Lt Brooke D Oldman 1 Bn Kings Own Yorkshire L I Kwam, Norway Apr 40  
27 Sgt Gilbert U Renwick Q O C H of Canada Dieppe Aug 42  
28 Sgt Alfred S Wagstaff Calgary Tank Regt Dieppe Aug 42  
29 Pte R Ashwood Royal Regt of Canada
30 F/Lt Richard A Bethell 268 Sqn Mustang FTR Rhubarb Dec 42 Alkmaar, Holland Dec 42
31 F/O John Lyng RCAF 431 Sqn Halifax MZ529 FTR Montzen Apr 44 Brussels May 44
32 F/Lt Sedgwick W Webster 9 Sqn Wellington P9232 FTR Duisberg June 40 near Rotterdam June 40
33 F/Lt Bertram A James 9 Sqn Wellington P9232 FTR Duisberg June 40 near Rotterdam June 40
34 F/Lt Thomas R Nelson 37 Sqn Wellington FTR Tobruk Sept 42 near El Alamein Oct 42
35 F/Lt Albert Armstrong 108 Sqn Wellington (query) FTR Tobruk Oct 42  
36 P/O E Carter-Edwards RCAF 427 Sqn Halifax LV987 FTR Acheres June 44 Paris July 44
37 F/Lt Wilfred L Murphy RCAF 405 Sqn Halifax DT808 FTR Essen Apr 43 Elne, France June 43
38 F/O Harold R Weller RCAF 424 Sqn Halifax LV910 FTR Metz June 44 Reims Aug 44 with Johnstone (1453)
39 F/Lt Manville B Pepper RCAF 400 Sqn Mustang AG528 FTR Night Intruder Apr 43 Paris Aug 43
40 Lt Samuel F Campbell North Nova Scotia Highlanders Caen June 44  
41 Gnr R F Broughton Fld Regt
42 Capt A Crook RAMC
43 Capt L Goodman RASC
44 Cpl James Clements 1 Bn Parachute Regt, 1st Airborne Oosterbeek Sept 44 escaped Oct to Dec before recapture
45 Lt R V Knight Royal Artillery
46 Lt R Cutforth Sherwood Foresters
47 Major Frank H Simpson DLI HQ BSA Athens Kalamata Apr 41  
48 F/Lt Desmond L Plunkett 218 Sqn Stirling W7580 FTR Emden June 42 Spierdijk, Holland June 42
49 Pte James E Barton 9 Parachute Bn, 6 Airborne Div Normandy July 44 Troan near Caen June 44
50 Capt Peter K Earle 8th Hussars El Alamein June 42  
51 Pte John B Corless 1 Bn Border Regt, 1st Airborne Div Arnhem Sept 44  
52 Pte William Sutherland Cameron Highlanders of Canada Dieppe Aug 42  
53 L/Cpl H Heggs Royal Artillery Tobruk June 42 escaped in Italy Sept 43 to Nov 44
54 L/Cpl C Kenny-Boyd Durham Light Infantry Tobruk June 42 escaped in Italy Sept 43 to Nov 44
55 F/Lt Richard S A Churchill 144 Sqn Hampden P4370 FTR Ludwigshaven Sept 40 near Nuth, Holland Sept 40
56 F/Lt Morris H G Wilson 4 Sqn Mustang AG544 FTR Popular Jan 43 near Boulou, Pyrenees June 43
57 Pte Mathew J Howell 2 Bn Parachute Regt. 1st Airborne Tunis Dec 42  
58 F/Lt Douglas R Matheson RCAF 411 Sqn Spitfire MJ236 FTR Ramrod Dec 43 Beaumets les Loges Apr 44
59 W/O Richard A Greene RCAF 99 Sqn MAAF Egypt July 42 escaped PG59 Sept 43 - recaptured May 44
60 W/O Kenneth T Hyde 420 Sqn Hampden AE246 FTR Lubeck Mar 42 Norway Mar 42
61 Cpl Charles Lawrence 26 Field Coy, Royal Engineers St Valery-en-Caux June 40  
62 LAC Adolph Goldwasser 235 AMES Maintenance RAF Tobruk June 42  
63 Cpl H Chilton Royal Worcs
64 Pte J Wild Royal Worcs
65 W/O William A Poulton 51 Sqn Halifax JD244 FTR Krefeld June 43 Antwerp Aug 44
66 W/O Ronald Mead 70 Sqn Wellington FTR Tripoli Feb 41 Catazano Feb 41
67 Pte B V Gebbie AIF
68 W/O David Kimber 78 Sqn Halifax W1115 FTR Mainz Aug 42 near Mainz Aug 42
69 W/O Ernest G Monk 78 Sqn Halifax W1115 FTR Mainz Aug 42 near Mainz Aug 42
70 Gnr Cyril Collins 28 Field Regt RA Indian Div Bir Hakim June 42  
71 W/O L Sibson 57 Sqn Wellington DV816 FTR Essen June 42
72 F/Sgt Anthony E Shearman 77 Sqn Halifax MZ935 FTR Munster Sept 44 near Munster Sept 44
73 Fus Walter Fairbairn 4 Bn RNF Arras May 40  
74 Capt F E F Johnston 2 Bn Royal Lancers, Indian Army El Mechila Apr 41  
75 F/Lt Leslie C J Brodrick 106 Sqn Lancaster ED752 FTR Stuttgart Apr 43 near Amiens Apr 43
76 Fus Gerard Whelan 2 Bn Royal Irish Fusiliers Leros (Dodecanese) Nov 43  
77 L/Cpl G R Beale The Buffs
78 F/Lt David R S Bevan-John 228 Sqn Sunderland N9025 FTR Aug 40 shot down in the Mediterranean
79 W/O George F Simpson 462 Sqn Halifax W7659 FTR Maleme Oct 42 ditched in the Mediterranean north of Crete
80 W/O Alexander Lauriston 149 Sqn StirlingN3752 FTR Gardening May 42 Aabenraa, Denmark May 42
81 W/O A E Barlow 58 Sqn Whitley Z6462 FTR Wilhelmshaven Jan 41
82 AC1 Joseph J King 112 Sqn MEC Crete June 41  
83 LAC Joseph Cassidy 11 Sqn MEC Crete June 41  
84 W/O Wilson E Braddock 75 Sqn Wellington BJ767 FTR Mainz Aug 42 SE of Liege Aug 42
85 F/Lt A J Hildson RAF
86 Gnr Cooper Royal Horse Artillery
87 Pte Beverley S Hewitt 7 Bn Royal Warwickshire Regt Ypres May 40  
88 Dvr G H Mason RASC
89 Dvr G L Smethurst RASC
90 F/Sgt Sydney R J Price 115 Sqn Lancaster LL640 FTR Frankfurt Mar 44 near Frankfurt Mar 44
91 W/O Richard B Olliver 83 Sqn Hampden AE315 FTR Gardening Sept 41 ditched near Borkum Sept 41
92 Pte Thomas L Fish 4 Bn East Lancashire Regt Lille May 40  
93 Sgt Thomas W Greene 250 Sqn MAAF FTR *** Oct 44 near Cesena, Italy Oct 44
94 Spr George A Wood Royal Engineers Sphakia, Crete June 42  
95 W/O Herbert R Kemp 102 Sqn Halifax DT739 FTR Essen Mar 43 Essen Mar 43
96 Rflmn James Murray 1 Bn Rifle Brigade Calais May 40  
97 Pte D Imlah Gordon Highlanders
98 Sgt Lawrence K Pals 2nd Canadian Field Security Dieppe Aug 42  
99 Pte Arthur Turner 1 Bn Kings Own Yorkshire L I Norway May 40  
100 Pte F C Nash 4 Bn Cameron Highlanders